“We have benefited a lot from multi-year engagements and projects of Direct HR / Ward Howell International. During the projects, we worked as true partners tightly together to improve our HR system to support the quickly growing organization specified in technology and engineering sector. I am very satisfied with the very good working results as well as the high professionalism shown by the consultants.”


General Manager

Vector Automotive Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


“It was great working with Ward Howell International on our Organisational Impact project. Jane, the Engagement Manager on the project, really captured all the right points and then developed custom-tailored solutions for our main pain points. The final report she presented is simple and clear. That’s the reason we would work with her and Ward Howell International on more and more topics.”


China CEO

Kern-Liebers (Taicang) Co., Ltd.


“Very useful for me to meet other people and understand their thinking which is very helpful for me to better communicate with them. It helped me to better understand the vision and companies values, which I did not know before. I also learned from others. Each person has some advantages, which is difficult to understand from a distance. This will help us to better communicate with the customer and offer better customer value. Suggestion for the next workshop is to have a good agenda (this time as the time was rush the agenda was not communicated in advance).”


Regional Sales Manager

Eplan Software & Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

“I feel that we are more close and trust each other more. These 15 participants are also the most active and influential people in the team, so I can see that they brought back the positivity and convey it to their own team. We lack this kind of opportunity to get together and talk. That was a great workshop!”


Technical Service Coordinator

Eplan Software & Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


“Direct HR Group is a reliable, trustful, and strategic partner in China. Their database can also cover 2nd and 3rd their cities, which are more important now for implementing aggressive growth strategies. Their open-minded communication style with fast response as well as their out-of-the-box thinking are key success factors in this fast-changing market. We certainly will have stable and long term cooperation with them. “


General Manager

Sievert Baoye quick-mix Building Materials (Hefei) Co., Ltd.